Workshop on How to Avoid Issues and Reduce Similarity Percentage on Turnitin

In coordination with the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Khalifa Library at Al Ain University (AAU) organized a workshop on “How to Avoid Issues and Reduce Similarity Percentages on Turnitin?”.  The workshop was conducted by Dr. Sura Qiqieh – Assistant Professor, Al Ain University and moderated by Dr. Abdoulaye Kaba- Library Director.

Dr. Sura discussed with examples and live demonstrations the importance of using Turnitin, how does Turnitin work for students? And how to read and interpret Turnitin reports? She also discussed in details important steps that should be used by students to avoid plagiarism. The workshop was attended by approximately 50 participants, including Deans, Deputy Deans, heads of departments, faculty members, students and admin staff. At the end of the workshop, the moderator allowed questions and comments from the participants and also expressed his gratitude and thankfulness to the trainer for delivering such important workshop, and to the participants for making the workshop a success.    


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