Library services


  • Checkout
    All registered library members are allowed to check out library materials according to their Loan privileges (Please attach loan privilege table here). Loan privileges differ from member to member.
    CollectionMembershipNo. of ItemsLoan PeriodOverdue Fine
    General Faculty 15 120 Days AED 1 / Day
    Staff 10 30 Days
    Student (postgraduate) 12 14 Days
    Student (undergraduate) 7 7 Days
    Student (Special program) 5 7 Days
    Visitor 1 3 Days
    Reserve Faculty 15 120 Days
    Staff 3 3 Days
    Student (postgraduate) 2 3 Days
    Students (undergraduate) 1 24 Hours
    Student (Special program) 1 24 Hours
    Visitor 0 Not Allowed

    Multimedia (CD, DVD,

    Audio visual)

    Faculty 15 120 Days
    Staff 3 7 Days
    Student (postgraduate) 3 7 Days
    Students (undergraduate) 3 3 Days
    Student (Special program) 1 3 Days
    Visitor 0 Not allowed

    Basic Reference



    yearbook etc.)

    Faculty 1 1 Day
    Staff 0 Internal use only
    Student (postgraduate) 0
    Students (undergraduate) 0
    Student (Special program) 0
    Visitor 0

    Textbooks, Journals,

    Magazines, Newspapers

    Internal use only
  • Check-in
    You are required to return library materials before or on the due date, after which an overdue fine will be imposed. User will not be allowed to check out any library materials until the fine is paid. 
  • Renewal
    You can renew borrowed materials through the library website, by phone call, or by sending email to the library before the due date. No renewal to be accepted after the due date.
  • Reservation
    A member may reserve library a material which is out on loan at the library counter or online to ensure that he/ she gets the item when it is returned. A notice will be sent to the requestor informing him/her to claim the reserved material when it is available. The material will be kept on hold at the Circulation Counter for 3 days only after which it will be returned to the shelves.
  • Inter-Library Loan (ILL)
    The library offers Inter-library loan and Document Delivery services to the members. Some materials especially articles which are not available locally may be obtained from overseas. The service may be charged for where necessary.
  • Alert Services
    This service is provided to alert library users on titles newly added to the library collection. The list of titles and its details which are usually categorized by subject areas are regularly disseminated to the users inside the library or through library homepage. 
  • Library orientation
    Library orientation programs help to familiarize new students with the services and facilities the use of library by the students.  The programs are usually conducted at the beginning of each semester.
  • User education
    The library provides a variety of user education or information literacy workshop programs which enable users to effectively utilize library resources. The programs educate the users on the techniques of determining information needs, identifying and locating information resources, and using effectively information resources.