Library Facilities


AAU Libraries, in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, are equipped with necessary facilities that support the provision of information services. The table below indicates available facilities.

Facility Quantity
Al Ain CampusAbu Dhabi CampusTotal
Book Shelves 41 33 74
Carrel Tables 34 42 76
Computers 56 58 114
Lockers 21 0 21
Prayer Room 1 0 1
Reading Tables 37 18 55
Security Gates 2 2 4
Study / Discussion Rooms 17 22 39
WiFi Connection Available

Study & Discussion Rooms

  • Library members can book one room in the library for two hours.
  • Each “Study Room” has one desk and two seats. The room is suitable for one or two students.
  • Each “Discussion Room” has a table with six seats. The room is suitable for six students.
  • In addition to WiFi connection, the rooms are equipped with power and internet connection.
  • Material from the open shelves and the Library enquiry desk may be consulted in the rooms.
  • The rooms are available during the library opening hours.



  • Library user who needs a place for keeping books, laptops, etc. while vising the library, can rent one locker by AED 50.00 for one academic semester.
  • The keys for locker are available from the Service Desk. To get a key you will need your Library card and payment form. Only one key and one locker will be allocated per person.


Prayer Room

The female library in Al Ain campus provides the prayer room for female visitors.  For Abu Dhabi campus as well as the male library in Al Ain, the visitors can pray in the Mosque which is very close to the libraries.