Khalifa Library presents Al Ain University in India

Al Ain University represented by AAU library Director, Dr. Abdoulaye Kaba, participated at the “International Conference on Reshaping Librarianship: Innovations and Transformations” organized by Bharathiar University, India.

Dr. Kaba delivered a keynote speech where he talked about a range of relevant and useful innovative and emerging library technologies. “History teaches us how librarians and information specialists have used technologies to reshape librarianship and bring innovations and transformations to the provision of library services and resources”, he said.

Today, librarians are using emerging technologies not only to improve library services and resources, but also to create future libraries. These technologies include Mobile apps, the Internet of things, 3D technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain technology, drone technology, augmented reality, and virtual reality, he added. 

The two-day conference was attended by vice-chancellor of the Uva Wellassa University in Sri Lanka, Chief knowledge officer of the Indian Institute of Management, and more than 300 participants from different countries. 

Participants, who attended the conference, discussed their changing role, education and ways to get students in libraries. It was an opportunity for them to share knowledge and opinions on issues that help them in reshaping librarianship through innovations and transformations.


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