AAU Students Attended Information Literacy Course


As part of library mission and objectives to provide students with the skills of using information technology effectively, Khalifa Library at Al Ain University –Al Ain Campus- organized information literacy training for AAU students.

The training was delivered by Mr. Abdoulaye Kaba – Library Director- who explained the method of accessing information, how to effectively and efficiently use information for assignments and projects; and how to use “Mendeley” program for managing assignments and scientific research.

The participants were awarded “Certificate of Attendance” by Dr. Belkacem Athamena – Associate Professor and President of Library Committee, with the presence of Mr. Abdoulaye Kaba.

In his comments about the training, Dr. Athamena appreciated the efforts of AAU library in improving information literacy skills among AAU’s students, stressing on the need of this courses which raise awareness and increase the use of information sources and services among students.

This course comes from the belief of the library staff’s in the importance of the information technology to pose skills and abilities required for recognizing the need to information, ability to locate information, ability to evaluate information, and ability to use effectively the needed information.



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