Workshop on the use of Scopus in scientific research

Khalifa library at Al Ain University (AAU) organized a virtual workshop entitled, “How to increase the chances of publishing scientific research papers with the help of Scopus”. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Yasmin Abdelraouf, the consultant from Elsevier under the supervision of Dr. Abdoulaye Kaba- Library Director, with the presence of deans, academic staff, administrative staff, and students.

The main objective of the workshop was to help AAU faculty members and students to understand the importance of Scopus in scientific research. Dr. Yasmin addressed interesting points, such as; usage of Scopus to determine research topics, identify top journals for research papers, and identify top researchers on a specific topic. With live presentation, she also demonstrated how researchers can evaluate and compare journals, identify potential collaborators from other institutions, and identify funding organizations from all over the world.

The workshop is part of user education activities aimed to enhance the usage of library resources and services among AAU faculty members and students. 


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