“Khalifa” library participates in Library Symposium


Khalifa library at Al Ain University participated in the libraries’ symposium organized by Abu Dhabi Municipality. Mr. Abdoulaye Kaba, Library Director and Mrs. Lina Abu Libdeh, Library Supervisor represented the university from its both campuses, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

The symposium addressed "Libraries Role in Implementing the UAE National Law of Reading". The seminar was also attended by about 70 participants from the Trustees of libraries and specialists in government departments, universities, and educational institutions.

It is worth mentioning that, AAU libraries contribute directly or indirectly to the implementation of the UAE National Law of Reading through the provision of reading materials, provision of easy access to reading materials, provision of facilities and tools that encourage students to read, organizing and attending book fairs, current awareness, and other activities and events associated with reading and learning.


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