A Workshop about “Elsevier” database organized by “Khalifa” Library


In order to support research activities among faculty members, “Khalifa” library at Al Ain University –Al Ain Campus- organized a workshop  about "How Elsevier supports the researchers to improve the research output in the academic sector" conducted by Mr. Pola Girgis, Solutions Sales Manager – Life Sciences for Elsevier in the Middle East.  In the attendance of Ms. Sameera Mohammad -Assistant Library Director, and the library staffs.  

The presenter addressed many important issues during the presentation, including, how “Elsevier” database can help AAU to promote quality research, focusing on the Life-Sciences portfolio and  R&D and how Elsevier improve the rank of the universities by empowering them with knowledge and powerful research tools.

For her part, The Assistant Library Director, in agreement with the Elsevier, concluded that there should be a workshop on the beginning of an academic year 2017-2018 in the presence of a group of faculty members to raise awareness and improve effective use of information sources and services. 


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