Faculty Members Evaluation



At the beginning of the fall semester, each faculty member receives a form that constitutes his/her annual plan of performance in the three areas of academic activity: teaching, research, and community service. The form specifies the components of each performance area and the rubrics by which they are evaluated. Faculty members submit their annual plan to the Department Head or Dean within two weeks from receiving the annual plan form.

A month before the end of the academic year, faculty members are required to submit a record of their actual performance to the Department Head who conducts an evaluation of the faculty member’s performance and submits it to the Dean for final assessment.

Faculty members keep documented evidence of their academic performance in the Instructor’s Portfolio which should be continuously updated throughout each semester.

During the academic year, faculty members are expected to be involved in the following activities: teaching, research, and university and community service. These activities reflect the faculty’s contribution to the department, college and university. The significance of faculty participation in each of the above-mentioned activities may vary from one activity to another. The total contribution in all activities, however, will be used to assess faculty overall performance.


Contract Renewal

According to AAU’s comprehensive evaluation process, the faculty member is evaluated by the students, Department Head, and College Dean. While students assess the faculty member’s teaching performance, evaluations written by the Department Head and the College Dean have a more comprehensive and detailed scope where they assess the faculty member’s teaching, serving at committees of different levels, university and community service, as well as research activities.

Based on the overall performance evaluation, AAU makes the decision whether or not to renew the faculty member’s contract.