Financial awareness sessions with CBUAE

The College of Business (COB) recently organized financial awareness sessions for its students in collaboration with the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE). Dr. Mosab Tabash, a faculty member from the College of Business, played a key role in coordinating these insightful sessions aimed at fostering financial awareness and cultivating a sound financial environment among university students. Mr. Abdelhadi Enayeh and Mr. Adnan Al Dhuhoori from the CBUAE participated as Guest Speakers during these sessions.

The Guest Speakers shared crucial insights and advice on maintaining a healthy financial life and safeguarding against various financial threats and frauds. They delved into the specifics of different insurance products, elucidating the associated rights and obligations. Each session concluded with an interactive segment, allowing students to engage with the speakers for a more comprehensive understanding. Dr. Mosab Tabash expressed gratitude to the speakers for their valuable contributions and conveyed the intention to organize more such sessions in the future.




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