A Lecture on Research Skills in Collaboration with the National Library & Archive

The Deanship of Student Affairs at Al Ain University (Abu Dhabi Campus), in collaboration with the Scientific Research Club, organized a lecture titled "Research Skills" in partnership with the National Library & Archive. The lecture was delivered by Mrs. Hind Ibrahim Al Zaabi, an educational programs specialist.

Mrs. Hind Al Zaabi provided general definitions of scientific research and its objectives, discussing the nature and goals of scientific research. She also gave a detailed explanation of the criteria for scientific research, its essential features, and the fundamentals to be followed in writing a scientific research paper. Key aspects covered included academic integrity, authenticity and innovation, problem presentation, formulation of hypotheses, and more. Additionally, she highlighted the crucial steps in writing a scientific research paper, including selecting the research topic, identifying research problem sources, and the importance of categorizing references to build trust between the researcher and the reader.



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