A workshop on Plagiarism and how to avoid it

Dr. Tarik Elamsy conducted a workshop on Academic Integrity entitled “Plagiarism and how to avoid it” where he defined for the students, what Plagiarism means and what are the academic consequences for having a plagiarized work. From Dr. Tarik’s perspective, students should understand what is considered plagiarism as they can know how to avoid it.

First, he stated that there are two forms of Plagiarism and gave some examples to make the students understand the concept. The first form is intentional where the students take the source as “Copy & Paste” without mentioning the original author and fake their paraphrasing by using word substitution. The second form is unintentional Plagiarism where students do not give the author the credit, make careless paraphrasing, and perform poor documentation.

Second, he explained the different methods on how to avoid plagiarism such as using the quotation when the students are using the exact words. Moreover, they can paraphrase and use the citation method to indicate the original source. In addition, he explained the definitions of Citation and Reference and showed the different methods and ways of using these two tools.

 In the end, he provided an activity for the students to assure that they recognized the plagiarism idea and rewarded the students who got the right answers. 


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