AAU Organizes a Workshop on Improving Scientific Research through Scopus


In order to support research activities among faculty members, Khalifa library in Al Ain University of Science and Technology organized a workshop on “Improving Scientific Research through the Use of Scopus Database” conducted by Mr. Wael Mansour, Customer Consultant-Research Intelligence for Elsevier in the Middle East.  The workshop was attended by college’s Deans, Deputy Deans, in the presence of more than 50 faculty members in Al Ain and Abu Dhabi campuses and library staffs.  

The presenter addressed many important issues during the workshop including, how Scopus database can help AAU to promote quality research, to measure research productivity, and to improve AAU ranking in the world. For the faculty members, the presenter showed them how they can use Scopus for identifying and determining research topics, for selecting scientific journals, for reviewing literature, and for improving research productivity.

Prof. Ghaleb El Refae –AAU President, appreciated AAU’s library for organizing this important workshop and reiterated his appreciation to “Elesiver” for this fruitful cooperation with AAU. He also stressed on the AAU’s determination to improve research productivity among faculty members.



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