AAU Improves the English Skills through Dictionaries


As part of awareness about the importance of library resources, AAU students attended a presentation on how to use English dictionaries for improving speaking and writing skills, conducted by Mr. Abdoulaye Kaba, Library Director, in the presence of Ms. Reem Odetalla, lecture of English Language at the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The presenter focused on the nature and features of dictionaries, types of dictionaries, the differences between print and electronic dictionaries, the kinds of information which could be found in dictionaries, and how to use dictionaries to improve speaking and writing skills. According to him, the electronic dictionaries have an advantage of easy search and allow listening to pronunciations.

Mrs. Reem expressed about the importance of presentation which will help the students to use dictionaries effectively and improve speaking and writing skills. She also appreciated library efforts and contributions in improving students’ knowledge and skills through orientations, presentations, and workshops. 


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