Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Do you have electronic resources like e-journals and e-books?

Yes, the library subscribes to electronic resources. We subscribe to IEEE, ProQuest, LexisNexis, Taylor & Francis databases, Lexicomp, and Ebrary. You can access these resources by using appropriate links, usernames and passwords.


  • Do you have multimedia items (CD, DVD, cassette, etc.) in the library?

Yes, the library has more than 2000 items of CDs, DVDs, and Video etc. As a member, you are allowed to check them out. See table below for more details. 


  • How many items can I borrow from the library?

Read Loan Privileges


  • Do you buy books for students?

No, the Library is not responsible for buying books for students, however the library assists faculty members to order textbooks through the bookshop located in the campus.


  • How to recommend or suggest a textbook or reference for the library?

To recommend any title you should fill-up a recommendation form available in the library. Your recommendation must be approved by your respective dean.


  • Do you charge for the overdue items?

Yes, the Library charges for the overdue items. See table below.


  • How do I know if a book, journal, or audio-visual is available in the library?

The easiest way to know if a particular item is available in the library is to search through our online catalogue.